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Comprehensive Selective School exam-ready resources

Master critical thinking skills to solve all 48 Selective Test question types and save time with all-inclusive resources. Get ahead with over 200+ pages of content, 150+ online practice questions, and 3 diagnostic exams for each section of the Selective School Test.

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  • year 4 oc prep tutoring resource
  • year 4 oc prep tutoring resource
  • year 4 oc prep tutoring resource

Selective School Test Tutoring Course Details


Term Course structure

The Matrix Selective Test Preparation course dedicates each term to one of the four sections of the test. The course starts in October for Year 4 students with Reading Skills module and concludes at the end of Year 5 with Exam-Style Writing module.


What our
Selective Test tutoring students say

  • I used to find homework and school work difficult. It took me so much time to get it all done. After joining Matrix, I can keep up with school work a lot quicker.

    Astride D.
    Astride D.
  • Teachers at Matrix are good and knowledgeable. We are provided with books and the class room setting is nice and clean. So far so good!

    Parent of Ashanty O.
    Parent of Ashanty O.
  • Classrooms are clean and tidy. The course program is good and the books provided in class are great! The teacher is good and knowledgeable.

    Parent of Ashley O.
    Parent of Ashley O.
  • Thinking Skills courses helped my child build profound knowledge for OC test (especially for Thinking Skills). My child is now attending Selective School Test Preparation course and it has been helpful and nurtured my child’s knowledge for the selective test. Thank you!

    Parent of Macro J.
    Parent of Macro J.
  • I think Matrix Education courses give me the best form of learning. I love how the teacher explains things in class!

    Ishaan Roy
    Ishaan Roy

Selective School Test Tutoring Pricing

Flexible payment options: Pay quarterly or monthly over 3 months.

  • on-campus
    During the term

    Term Course

    9 weekly lessons over 9 weeks


    per module

    • Taught by experienced Matrix teachers
    • Maximum of 16 students per class
    • New-edition Critical Thinking Skills Theory Book
    • Detailed Theory Book in the newest edition
    • Theory Lesson Videos for revision
    • Access to Matrix LMS resources
    • 150+ Online Practice Questions for each module with automated marking
    • Progress tracking for students and parents
    • Diagnostic tests and reports every 3 weeks
    • Year-round access to content

Frequently asked questions


Matrix Year 5 Selective School Test tutoring teachers are experienced educators who have degrees in related disciplines. They are knowledgeable, know how to explain things clearly and make learning fun.

Matrix Selective School Test tutoring is led by experienced teachers who deliver a structured and engaging learning experience.


Yes. The Matrix Selective School Test tutoring is a 15 month program that comprehensively covers each section of the test. Each term focuses on one of the five components of the test:

  1. Reading,
  2. Mathematical Reasoning,
  3. Spatial Reasoning,
  4. Logical Reasoning, and
  5. Writing.

Students should start preparing at least 12 months before the May test to thoroughly cover all sections of the Selective School Test. At Matrix, Year 4 students start their selective test preparation in October each year to develop mastery in all sections of the test.



No. Thinking skills is one of the sections of the Selective High School Test 

The test evaluates students’ critical thinking abilities in these sections:

  • Reading (or verbal reasoning)
  • Mathematical reasoning
  • Thinking skills involving spatial and logical reasoning

The Matrix Selective Preparation course teaches students critical thinking skills for each of these areas.

If your child lacks strong foundations in English and/or Maths, it’s highly recommended to undertake the English and/or Maths courses as well. This is because the Selective School Test Preparation course demands that students possess solid English and Maths skills to cope with the course materials. The Matrix Entrance Test will help you identify your child’s gaps in English, Maths and Critical Thinking.

On-Campus Courses

Each Selective School Test tutoring session is 90 minutes long and consists of Theory, Application and Guided Exam Practice.

All Matrix classes seat a maximum of 16 students arranged in U-shape formation to support an interactive and engaging student learning environment.

Matrix provides students access Online Theory Lesson Videos for missed lessons and revisions. The video lessons are easy to follow and paired with the Matrix Theory Book.

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